About the Earthvalues Institute

A fundamental guiding principle of the Earthvalues Institute (EVI) is the premise of Nature as our teacher and guide. EVI staff creatively weave Nature themes into school curricula, leadership trainings, and all other programs. We see Nature as a vehicle for teaching and learning across curricula and learning modalities, allowing for access to the artist, musician, scientist, and writer in each program participant. Nature is portrayed as the timeless and limitless source of inspiration for all kinds of human endeavours. The relevancy of today’s environmental issues and the role Nature can play in individual and group leadership is highlighted in all EVI educational programs.

We see Nature as a vehicle for teaching and learning across curricula and learning modalities…

The latest news

World-first sustainable happiness programs

In April and May of 2014, two pioneering programs were piloted in Montreal. A Positive Aging series of workshops and a Sustainable Happiness certificate program hosted by Dawson College. Chris Adam and Dr. Catherine O’Brien planned and implemented these programs and are now evaluating results and planning for training sessions and capacity building.

Student Introduction – Launch Event.

For more information about the course and sustainable happiness, please go to sustainablehappiness.ca.

Mexico Projects

Earthvalues continues its relationship with Dawson College, in Montreal, and its Sustainability initiative. As Quebec’s largest college, Dawson is well-positioned to influence the entire college network with its sustainability research, project design and implementation.

It has been a year since Dawson College set out to share knowledge and experience on issues of campus sustainability with two Mexican Universities in the State of Morelos, the Escuela Normal Superior and the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. Students, teachers and staff members of these institutions are bridging the distance and challenging the language barriers to share with each other what sustainability looks like at our campuses. Through student internships, visits, jointly designed courses, and the use of social media these three educational institutions are show casing their initiatives, sharing best practices and lessons learnt. In Mexico, the initiative is seen as an important contribution to the building of both national and international networks for the advancement of sustainability in higher education. At the Normal Superior, their “Agua Viva”, living water, project aims to challenge the privatization of water by providing “free” drinking water. Through a rain water collection and filtering system, members of their educational community can now pedal on a bicycle, which pumps this living water into a clay pot, and have clean drinking water.

Students at the Normal Superior perform a ceremonial dance to Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain, fertility and water, as part of the inauguration of their “Agua Viva” project.

Dawson College Ecological Peace Garden

Montreal, Canada

Update May. 2014: A huge thanks goes out to the thousand volunteers from the Dawson Community who helped make the Ecological Peace Garden a reality. It has just been designated a biodiversity garden, a bird garden and a monarch oasis by Espace pour la vie Montréal. A list of criteria set out by Espace pour la vie’s specialists must be met in order to have a garden recognized as a biodiverse space and to obtain the corresponding certification.

More information can be found on Espace pour la vie’s website.


The Ecological Peace Garden is a series of interlocking “infinity loop” trails covering the college grounds. Several thousand native plants, flowers and shrubs border the circular paths. The garden design follows the Earthvalues Institute’s “Wildlife Gaining Ground” criteria, where gardens are created to benefit local wildlife species as well. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has generously supported the ecozone development within the peace garden.

Benefits: The ecological peace garden continues to be a showcase of community involvement and help build a sense of community and belonging. It has also helped create a cultural shift at Dawson towards environmental stewardship as it give a portion of its urban landscape back to native wildlife, thereby increasing biodiversity.

Click above to view the opening ceremony.

Download The Dawson College Peace Garden Information Pamphlet (PDF)